Ready? Get Set…

The holidays are upon us! Which is pretty much why I have nothing to show craft-wise because I’ve been spending my week sneezing my way through cleaning house in order to get ready for Thanksgiving. After all, Thanksgiving means that the Christmas decorations go up that weekend. At least, it does in our house. What about you? When do you start decoration for Christmas?

What one thing do you look forward most during the season? For me, it’s putting out the mini-snowglobes. Once upon a time, JC Penny’s used to give them out every Black Friday and we have one for every year we’ve been married. Except for the two years, JC didn’t do the snowglobes. In fact, last year they discontinued the tradition, so now we’ll have to figure something else out. Still, I love seeing all the little Mickey snow globes in front of the tv. Makes me smile every time I see them (Hey, who are you calling sappy?).


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