Moving On

Well, I’ve figured out which pattern I want to use for my sweater. I wanted to make a Rogue initially but I don’t have the mindset for intricate anything right now and I really want to make a sweater for myself so I’ve settled for making a Brick.

Of course, it can’t ever be so easy as deciding on a pattern. I tried to make a swatch to check my gauge and I can’t hit it to save my life. I actually got frustrated enough to drive me to tears. Lucky for me, my friend Nikki was kind enough to help me out and she tweaked things a bit so I can still make the sweater and have it fit me.

I haven’t cast on yet because my body’s not cooperating with anything at the moment. Misery does not lend itself to much, but hopefully, in a couple of days, I’ll manage to get a start on it.

For now, I’m consoling myself by binging Supernatural (I might end up paying for that, though, because for me, it gets a bit too scary at times).

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