Serial reader & knitter…and ear maker?

It has been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, especially one that wasn’t a book review. So when Karin asked me to be a guest blogger, I had a momentary panic of “what do I write about?!”. Luckily, she was pretty specific and asked me to write about crafting. Ok, I think I got this.

First, let me start off by saying a little about myself. My name is Jenn and I currently reside in beautiful Southern California. I’m known around the interwebs as Tellingmelies. I’m an avid reader, so Goodreads is one of my favorite sites to spend time on. I also like to write my own stories, marathon tv shows/movies, and get crafty.

I’m fairly new to this crafting thing and am still navigating my way around it. It started out mostly because I can’t just sit and watch TV without doing something with my hands. One of my best friends was knitting a Doctor Who scarf and I was like, ‘can you teach me?’. Amazingly, she said yes and that was the start. My very first scarf was the Alice scarf from Twilight.


I was quite happy with how it turned out. It was a fairly easy scarf to begin with and the pattern can be found here on Ravelry. I made a couple of those, one for me and others for friends, just to get the hang of it before moving on to the next project: Harry Potter scarves. That first HP scarf was a beast! It took me about a year (not constantly working on it, just sporadically) and was the bane of my existence for awhile. It was Gryffindor and was a Christmas gift for a friend. Once I finished that one, I proceeded to make more for other friends and have since made one for each house. Below are pictures of the Ravenclaw and Slytherin scarves.

I am currently working on my own HP scarf (finally). You’ll notice that they are knitted in the round so that they are pretty thick and the end up being somewhere between 8-10ft long. See? A beast. I keep telling myself that this one will be the last, but more and more people keep asking for them and I can’t seem to say no. So someday, I will move onto new things with knitting, but right now, scarves are my life.


Aside from knitting, I just recently ventured into unknown territory. See, I am a HUGE Disney nerd and going to the parks is one of my favorite past times. And of course, when there, I just have to be wearing Mickey ears. There are so many to choose form at the parks, but more and more people are starting to make their own. So, my friend and I decided one day to learn how. It’s actually not that difficult, but the sewing without a sewing machine can be time consuming. We aren’t super fancy with them, but we’re getting there. It’s really fun to pick a theme and see what you can do with it. I have many more planned that I want to do, but here are just a few so far:


I’m happy to have found projects to do while watching TV or movies. I needed another release when I’m not reading. I could talk forever about books. I am currently making my way through the Throne of Glass series by Sarah Maas and am dying. It’s so good. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something new to read.

Thank you Karin for letting me ramble about crafts. And if anybody wants to, you can find me on social media:





Thanks again!

3 thoughts on “Serial reader & knitter…and ear maker?

  1. Thanks so much for being my guest, Jenn! It’s kind of funny and amazing, isn’t it, that a lot of the new knitters got their start by wanting either something from Harry Potter or Twilight? I love it. And I love that you’ve made so many scarves! I’ve made a couple in my time as well and I know they are a beast to work on, but worth it in the end.
    Also, that picture with Draco wins. It plain wins.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jessicacrafts

    Harry Potter scarfs are one hundred times better in the round. I made one myself and yes that took me forever too! But it looks perfect with stockinette stitch on both ‘sides’. Yours look brilliant.


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