Where Has This Week Gone?

Seems like I only had to blink to go from last Sunday to today. I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been up to the past few days because it’s all a hazy blur. Not because I’ve been busy, but simply, well, hazy. Yep, it’s been one of those kinds of weeks. Fun times!

Anyway. I was thinking the other day about books that have stuck with me. Like, ones I read years and years ago that still come to mind at times now, that really had an impact on me. One of those books for me was When Rabbit Howls, written by The Troops for Truddi Chase. I honestly can’t recall whether I saw the movie or the interview on Oprah first, it’s been too long ago now.

What I do remember is being… I guess awed is the word I’m looking for. Here is this woman who has gone through hell growing up (seriously, this book comes with all the warnings! They are not kidding around with what happened).

Now, I don’t have D.I.D., but I do have trauma in my past and when I first read that book I was trying to work through it. Now, there are some out there that theorize the story is manufactured, and some that say it’s all absolutely legit (author included, obviously). I don’t know what to believe and to be honest, to me it didn’t – and still doesn’t – really matter because hard as it was to read, it helped. Not that When Rabbit Howls is a self-help book in any way but more that reading someone else’s story helped me both come to terms with my own and to work through it. Or at least, get me a little further along the way.

Every now and then The Troops come to mind and make me pause. Another book that I still stop and think about is, of course, The Diary of Anne Frank, or The Diary of a Young Girl as it is known as in English. I don’t think this really bears much explanation as I doubt there are any of you who aren’t familiar with the name Anne Frank. Then again, you might not be, so…

The Diary of a Young Girl was written by Anne Frank herself, by and large. The publication had a little help from her father, Otto, since Anne died in a concentration camp. You see, the Franks were Jewish and during WWII that wasn’t a good thing to be. During the occupation, the family hid in the backroom of Otto Frank’s place of business, along with another family and later another refugee. Anne writes in great detail of their time there. It’s not an easy read but it is a good one and – I believe – a necessary one.

What books have you read that have stuck with you?

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