I Found my Passion.


My name is Melissa Stevens, I’m a WAHM to 4, and I do a bit of crafting. I’m into a little bit of everything. I can sew, but it’s not my passion. I can cook, again, not my passion. I make jellies, jams, pickles. Good skills to have, but still, not my passion.

When I was about 6-7 years old, my grandmother taught me to crochet. I loved it. I made all kinds of stuff, cloths and blankets for my dolls, slippers, blankets for me, stuff for my doll house, even things I wanted for my own house. I’m not sure I saw a crochet pattern until I was 22 or 23… through trial and error I figured out how crocheting worked and used that to design what I wanted. It worked for me. Yes, I can follow a pattern now, and my most recent crochet project was an octopus for my preemie niece.


When I was pregnant with my second baby I decided I wanted to learn to knit. I’d wanted to before that but couldn’t find anyone to teach me. At that time I worked for a internet tech support company and spent all day online. This was before Knittinghelp, Youtube, or any of the modern knitting teaching sites.

I found a couple of sites that had mainly drawings and figured it out from there. I had some issues, I twisted my stitches for a long time, then figured out how to do it right. I purled through the back loop for a long time, and figured out how to do it right. I have knit a LOT since then (more than 16 years now) from very simple to fairly complicated lace. Here are a few things I’ve actually taken photos of.

The red and the red and green are shawls, and yes, I pinned a shawl to my wall as a decoration, it stayed there for several years. I’ve also done socks, towels, wash cloths, blankets, sweaters and more. Knitting is still a passion.

But I’m not knitting or crocheting much anymore. probably not more than 1-2 projects a year.

Why? Because it’s hard to knit and type at the same time. Several years ago I found writing and it has become my newest passion and obsession. I love it, it keeps me sane. Well, as sane as can be expected with 3 teenage girls and a tween boy in the house.

I’ve been writing for eight years, but only doing it seriously for about six and a half. I always have at least one project on-going usually several, and I can often be found at the baseball field or in line to pick up kids with a notebook in hand as I write scenes or work out a troubling detail.

To date I have 12 books published and another one will be out next month, it’s my third and final book in the City of Sin world. City of Sin is a paranormal romance series where you can find out what really happens in Las Vegas after dark.

My current project is the second book in my Demented Souls series, Demented Souls is contemporary romance, revolving around a motorcycle club, but there’s more to the club, and the men in it, than meets the eye.

I’ve also got one completed series, the Kitsune Series, it’s 4 books chronicling what happens to Nickie after she discovers that not only do shapeshifters exist, but she is one. The first book of the Kitsune series is free everywhere ebooks are sold.

If you’re interested in more about me and my books you can find me on my website or Facebook.

Thanks so much to @naelany for having me and I hope you all have a wonderful day.


One thought on “I Found my Passion.

  1. Thanks for being my guest, Melissa! Your journey in crochet sound similar to mine in knitting. I didn’t really do patterns until a few years ago, either (though I’m very glad to finally have learned how to read them 😉 )

    I love the fact that you’ve put your knitting up as wall art. Very cool. What pattern is the one you’ve got shown on your wall?


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