Out of It

I’m a little out of it today, so please bear with me. Fuzzy brains do not good writing make. Or real coherent thought, for that matter.

Last week I started on a new project, trying out the whole grid thing. I’m finding I enjoy working with one, so I’ll definitely be looking into other ways of doing grids.

I’ve discovered something else about me, though. I really enjoy cross stitching… but loathe doing the detailing and stuff (like the text on the book and the pages, which as you can see are still missing).

Remember that Teen Wolf story I mentioned I’d been reading, but didn’t want recommend it until I was finished? Well, I finished it the other day. The series is hella-long but worth it. The warnings on it run the gamut, though, from murder to suicide to attempted rape to…well, there’s a lot. The Sum of its Parts by KouriArashi is, like I said, long. I would suggest having one tab open with the above link, one with the Onwards and Upwards stories, and one with whatever story is next in the series as KouriArashi interweaves them and it gets confusing otherwise. At least, I found that to be the case. Hope you enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “Out of It

    1. Thanks! We can hope. I still have a nearly finished piece that’s waiting on the detailing. I really do not like it lol. What’s your favorite way to grid your projects? I’m not sure how I feel about this way because to me the grid is still obvious once it’s stitched over.

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      1. To be honest I haven’t done a cross stitch in about ten years, so I actually have no idea about how to grid! I didn’t do it on the pieces I completed either, so I must gave missed that trick….

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      2. I did work large pieces, but from memory (and this is a while ago!), I think I was dreadfully boring and just worked each ten by ten square to completion, and then moved to the next square. I can be such an accountant at times!

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      3. lol that works, I suppose, as long as the project lets you easily identify your starting point. That’s where my main hangup is, I think. The projects I’ve done (and have in the wings) all have odd starting points.

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