Just Bumbling By

Hey, no idea what I’m doing; but, I’m Vicki Speakman.

Pleased to say I look younger than I am. I have an irrepressible love of skulls.
‘Originally from the Woodstock area of New Brunswick, Canada; but have lived all over N.B. as well as a few years in Halifax, Nova, Scotia & 17 years in gorgeous Victoria, B.C..
I moved back east 6 years ago in order to see my niece(s) grow up; since they moved back from England. ( it had been 1 at the time, now it’s 2 )

I crochet ( am loving the Bernat Blanket yarn ), make jewelry, and randomly write poetry.

I have been quite addicted to fan fiction since I discovered it. Currently reading mash-ups of Marvel Avengers/Harry Potter. Sad. I know.

My first thought when I saw my favorite story/book requested was: ” Are you kidding? I’ve literally read THOUSANDS of books and stories!” However, after thinking on it a bit, I’d still have to say Charles de Lint. He writes what’s best described as urban myth. His characters and situations are spot on in such a way that you feel sure if you went to Ottawa ( or wherever) You’d see it all for yourself and the characters would walk right out the front door.
**A warning on his darker stuff though. ( sometimes written under the name Samuel M. Key ) NOT for the faint of heart and chock-full of triggers.

Baby dragon I made the mouth “wrong”, but found pattern from Vanja Grundmann on Ravelry.
Cupcake by Candy Van Sweet.
Used frame to make an earring holder, have done ones where I have refurbished the frame. The only earrings there I did NOT make, are the feathers and the pair w/ the red beads.#####

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