Busy, Busy!

So tomorrow is my birthday. We decided to invite people over for a barbecue today, so this past week has consisted of a lot of organizing, shopping, cleaning, food prep, etc. 

We’re still a few hours away, but things are coming along nicely. 

Our neighbor was kind enough to let us borrow her patio set.

One of our nephews came over yesterday I  order to help out with last minute stuff and to learn to man the grill. 

it’s hard to take a good picture, but that’s the three racks of ribs they’ve got going. It smells divine. The back one has a dry run hubby made from scratch, and the other two are smothered in the barbecue sauce he and nephew made. 

We also have burgers, hot dogs, cheesecake and more. I doubt it’ll all get eaten, so we should be good on food for a good while 😉

And it’s a gorgeous, if very hot, day today. Lucky me!

Hope you’re all having a great day

4 thoughts on “Busy, Busy!

  1. Leslie O'Donnell

    I’m so, so glad you’re feeling properly celebrated and having a happy (if slightly early) day. I wish we could be there, but you know we’re always thankful to have your life a part of ours! Love you, sis!

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