Is It Sunday Again Already?

This week seems to have run away from me completely. I honestly don’t recall very much of what I’ve done. Certainly haven’t managed to get any crafting done, though we did catch up on housework, so there’s that.

Since I don’t have anything crafty to share (I did finally get a new hook, so I can at least resume work on my skirt), I figured I’d talk a little bit about the compression gloves I bought a while back. I’ve been using some form of compression gloves for years now. The first ones were bought from a craft store and they helped some, but weren’t really all that great.

It didn’t take them long to lose their ability to compress, and with my hands and wrists becoming more painful over time I started looking for a new, better pair.

In my search, I ran across these. They’re infused with copper which supposedly promotes healing. Cool, I’m all for that! So I bought them and tried them out for a while before sharing my experience with you.

They fit nice and snug, the way they’re supposed to. It took me a bit to get used to the fingers as my old ones didn’t have them (they were cut off and basically just had holes), but once I did I loved them. There’s a version out there with fingers that go to the second knuckle, but that would be too much for me, I think. These are just right – for me. I love that they have grip-stripes. The only slightly downside (sorry, no pic. I’m a righty and couldn’t keep the camera steady enough with my left hand to show you) is that they do come loose. Mind, I’m sure that has a lot to do with how I hold my crochet hook since it catches right at the edge of my palm/thumb.

They’re very comfortable and they definitely make a marked difference in my pain levels while I knit or crochet. Yay for that, right? While I haven’t had to use them during a heatwave, we have had warm enough weather for me to know that I’m sweating a little less in these than in my old ones, so another bonus. We’ll see how comfy they are when we hit triple digits, though.

Do you use anything to help you craft, healthwise?

(also, I make no money off links or reviews or anything. I just wanted to share something I really liked).

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