When Ideas Don’t Quite Work Out

Or at least, they don’t work out as well as they did in your head. The first go around.

What am I talking about, you ask? I have several pairs of jeans that I can’t wear anymore because I do not like holes in my jeans and, well… a thigh gap I have not, so… Anyway, I’ve so far been cutting up the legs of them to make squares for a denim quilt/blanket, but I still had the tops, too. Not one that likes to waste something that still seems useful, I’ve been pondering what to do.

So after perusing Pinterest and finding several suggestions, I figured I’d try my hand at crocheting a skirt onto the cut off jeans (after ripping the seams, obviously). Without using a pattern, mind.

Yeah, maybe not the brightest idea, but hey. I got as far as about an inch or two of fabric before trying it on and… it’s too tight.

Three guesses what I’ve just spent time doing. I’ll give you a hint: Ribbit.

Yep. Frogged it and started again. I’m hoping this time I’ll get it right. We’ll see, I guess. I have absolutely no idea what kind of stitches I’ll end up using after the first plan single crochet bit (the pants got cut off rather higher up than I feel comfortable with as far as lace goes, hence the solid bit first).

I will say this. It’s my first time using thread for crochet and it’s a whole different ball of wax from regular cotton or other yarns. Should be interesting.

7 thoughts on “When Ideas Don’t Quite Work Out

  1. I make the tops into squares as well, it makes for really interesting quilts although you have to be clever with your top stitch unless you know someone with a particularly heavy duty long arm.


  2. maleficentknits

    I don’t hook 😉 but what if you double or triple the number of stitches on your second row to make room for the solid section of the skirt then decrease them when you start your lace section?


    1. The setup row was too tight, to the point of cutting off blood flow, so I had to redo the lot. Seems to be better now…. so far at least (I have yet to finish the setup row lol. It’s a lot of stitches)


  3. I have jeans srored for this idea as well. A lot of people make the tops into handbags, love your idea. Most jean quilts I’ve seen are “tied” instead of quilted, seen them ‘knotted’ and done with buttons as well.


    1. that’s one of the options I have. Like I said, I have several lying around lol. Also plan to sew a skirt onto one at some point once I’ve gotten my hands on suitable fabric.


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