Cross stitching!

Hello all!


My name is Melody, and I can usually be found on FB playing games (Royal Story is pretty fun), reading fics on AO3, reading books, or doing crafty type stuff.

My preferred crafts are counted cross-stitch and some occasional crocheting.  My most recent completed project is a counted cross-stitch saying.  Honestly, there have been times that having my cross stitch with me has been such a blessing.  Those are the times where I have had to sit for hours waiting for something to be completed for me, such as car work/maintenance.

My most recently completed project:

saying cross stitch

sheet for saying cross stitch

If you can’t read the second pic, the whole thing comes as a kit from Janlynn ( Kit #999-1012 ( ).

I have another in progress that I need to find some glass beads for.  I cannot post a pic of that one as some of the colors didn’t show up quite right in the picture I took.  However, as a consolation, I have added a link to that has the book I found the pattern in! ( ).  I actually found my copy of the book in a second hand bookstore locally.  I love Half-Priced Books, I spend way too much money whenever I visit it.

Fics I have been reading:

I have been reading a lot of Adoptive-Daddy Yondu stories on AO3 lately after seeing GotG Vol. 2 just last week.  I’ve spent some time going “Awe!  That’s so cute!”

Favorite fan fic?  In what fandom?  I have so many!  If I go by the ones I tend to read again and again are by KM (HP, Trek, ect.), Sherza (Damaged Defenders for the win! It’s an Avengers gen fic), Rise by VR_Trakowski (JA Fic with Jupiter/Caine).

My favorite book books?  I have to choose just one? I am not sure that I can choose just one!

Top favorite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey and LK Hamilton.


About windsongmelody

love to read fanfics from all types of tv shows, books, even movies. i like HP, SG1, SGA, Sentinel, NCIS, CSI Las Vegas....i'm even open to trying new ones if the summary sounds promising.
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One Response to Cross stitching!

  1. naelany says:

    Thanks for being my guest, Melody! I love the Live, Love, Laugh project, very neat. I can’t wait to see the other one you mentioned because that book looks totally cool. Does it have dragons in it, too?


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