This Can Not Be This Hard

What am I talking about? Why, this pattern. It’s a quirky take on the Granny Square blankets and I’m kind of in love with the look. I got some yarn from hubby the other day to satisfy the itch to knit blanket (hush, I know we’re coming into the hot season) and immediately cast on for one.

Not sure if you can see it on here or not, but… I screwed up. My count is off on the triangles and for the life of me I can’t figure out what I did wrong. I will figure it out, because dagnabit, this can’t be that hard, but for now, it is vexing me greatly. I’ve watched YouTube videos, but for some reason, those annoy the hell out of me – probably because they don’t show it well enough for me, though I think that’s just me.

Have you ever had a project that should be relatively easy but isn’t?

2 thoughts on “This Can Not Be This Hard

  1. I come across this problem with my embroidery sometimes! There are some things which take forever to click, when no one else has any problems. So frustrating, but I think it happens to a lot of us!


    1. totally. I mean, I know that once it clicks it’ll be so simple I’ll be kicking myself for it, but oh man oh man… Right now? Yeah, it just isn’t coming together for me. Soooo frustrating.

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