So we got a new couch about two weeks ago. It brought with it an unexpected… not problem, exactly, but still. When I finally got around to casting my socks on again after frogging them, I encountered an issue: I no longer had my little corner to knit in comfortably. I’m not saying the old couch was comfortable, far from it. Nor am I saying the new one isn’t because it totally is. However, the new one has different dimensions that make how I used to sit no longer an option as the armrest is too high to give the support I used to have.

So now I’m struggling to find a new position that will allow me to knit without causing myself too much pain doing so. Not quite figured that one out yet, but I’ll get there in the end.

Almost done with the toes as you can see. 🙂

Show of hands. Who has tried Rowaine’s Snickerdoodle recipe that she shared on her guest post? *raises hand* I just made another batch and it’s waiting in the fridge for a bit before I put them in the oven (I find it helps to chill the dough for at least half an hour, but that might just be me). Hubby loves them (and so do I) and they are addictive as hell. Just sayin’.

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