Stitching Away

I had another sewing lesson on Friday. It mostly consisted of ironing yards of fabric, as well as cutting said fabric. My back is still not thanking me for the effort. One of these days when I have my own craft room I’ll have an ergonomically correct sewing table and ironing board and all the other fun stuff.

I did get a little actual sewing done, though. My M.I.L. helped a little bit because some of it was too finicky for me to manage on her machine (it’s ancient and has its quirks).

Seeing clothes laid out like this always makes me cringe a bit, to be honest, because to me tops always look more like tents *glares down at boobs* (Grammarly, go home, you’re drunk. It is telling me to remove the comma after honest, but then when I do it tells me to put it right back… only to have me remove it again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat).

Close up of the collar bit. It isn’t quite sewn on properly yet, but hey.

Someone asked me the other day whether I’m enjoying sewing. I told them that they would need to ask again once I actually had a finished product. Right now, I still find the whole process very confusing, and my body’s making me pay for the effort as well, so I can’t really say for sure as yet. I’m hopeful, though, because I really would like to be able to sew my own things.

So what about you? What new things have you picked up so far this year?

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