Best job ever!

shopTo begin, my name is Karen, and I own Cozy, in Eugene, Oregon.

Who wouldn’t want to own a yarn shop, right? I can think of few other things so enticing and engaging as yarn… made of color, texture and artistic potential. The hardest thing about having a yarn shop is having to share.

I opened a shop for reasons as selfish as it seems; I wanted to surround myself with that which I love (family and friends, of course, make poor inventory, so that which I love third). There wasn’t yet a yarn shop in my new city that fit my tastes, and so I, along with my partner-husband, opened my own. And it’s FUN. I get to talk yarn, touch yarn, admire yarn, and play with yarn all day. Seriously. And I get to share that with people who appreciate yarn just as much as I do. Maybe sharing isn’t so bad, after all?

What am I making right now?

I just finished the Marled Magic Mystery Shawl, by Stephen West. It was my first mystery knitalong, and I love the finished shawl. There is nothing like seeing a garment come together neatly and yet unpredictably in that way; I didn’t know quite what I was making, nor how to combine the colors. And somehow it all came out okay. Beautiful, even. That’s the Magic, I guess. This week, I am knitting a literal unicorn chaser to all that i-cord bindoff: unicorns! We have the new MochiMochi Starter Unicorn Kits ( in the shop, and I’m testing them out. They look like little unicorn beans, and I love them!

What am I reading right now?

A talented local librarian hosts a book club at Cozy, on the last Sunday of each month, and I love that it keeps me reading and thinking about what I’m reading as well. It amazes and impresses me every time the group gets together, not only to knit and crochet, but to have engaging conversations about books, films and podcasts. It feels very literary-salon.

This month’s assignment was to read a book chosen by another member of the group, and I took home The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, a young-adult novel set on a ship in 1832. It’s been about 15 years since I last read this one, but I’m loving the chance to revisit the story of a brave young girl who has to face and solve some very complicated problems!

2 thoughts on “Best job ever!

  1. Thanks for being my guest, Karen! And you know what they say, sharing is caring, right? I love your little store (and wish I could stop by more often, but hey). It’s so bright and fresh and soooo many lovely yarns to drool over.
    I haven’t yet ventured into the mystery knits territories, though I am intrigued by them. I like how your shawl turned out.


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