It Figures

That my week of misery (thank you, Auntie Flo) was rounded up by having to frog my socks. Yep, I thought I had measured correctly but it turns out that they were too wide for my feet and, well, I really do not like my socks to not fit so into the frog pond they went. I have yet to find the energy to cast on again, however.

In fact, I haven’t managed to get a whole lot of anything done this week that didn’t involve reading. And maybe a little writing (no, not part of Rough Trade this time, but I am posting this WIP on The Wild Hare Project. It will be the only place aside from RT where you can find any WIPs. They will be unbeta’d, but will eventually be moved to my own site as well as Ao3).

We got a new (to us) couch yesterday, another reason why I haven’t mustered the energy to do anything. My arms still feel like they’re about to fall off but it was worth the effort of hauling the old beast out and getting the new one in. Much more comfy, this one. The old one was falling to pieces and had us basically sitting on a plank with very thin pillows. Yeah, not the best but what can you do. Thankfully, now we have a cushy couch which I fully plan to utilize for the rest of my day while I watch something on TV. Like, right now. Have a great rest of your weekend!

4 thoughts on “It Figures

  1. Ah the dreaded frog 🐸 well at least it is easier with knitting than cross stitch. Nope still haven’t stitched a stitch and I can’t blame RT. Couch sounds lovely spent my Sunday driving to my mums and back nearly three hours each way to photograph kittens. Enjoy your day.

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    1. no kidding! I gave up trying to frog my cross stitch mistake and just stitched over it with different thread lol.
      To photograph kittens? I’m jealous! Well, assuming that you got to snuggle with them, too 😉


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