One Small Step…

I’m finally going to learn to sew! Well, clothes at least, from a pattern and everything! My M.I.L. had given me sewing lessons as her Christmas gift last year and yesterday was the first. I had wanted to do pajamas but ended up unable to find the pattern I thought I had and wasn’t sure if the fabric’d suit anyway so I opted to make a tunic-type shirt instead.

We didn’t get as far as I would have liked due to various circumstances (not least of which being the fabric had languished so long in my stash it needed washing again), but we picked up some contrast color to the linen I already had.

Isn’t it pretty? And yes, it sparkles 😉 You can also see few the pattern pieces that I got cut out. Confession: I was nervous just cutting out the paper pieces of the pattern, but a nervous wreck cutting out the bit of the sparkly fabric for the front.

My next lesson won’t be for another 2 weeks if things go according to plan at any rate. But I am excited to finally be moving toward my goal of learning to sew clothes.

While we were at Joann’s, we went looking for fabric for pajamas, in case we found some that I liked. Why oh why must there be so. Much. Pink?!? I’m so not a pink girl, but it seemed as if all the prints I liked were on pink backgrounds. If something wasn’t pink, it was usually way too busy or too baby-ish. Needless to say, we walked out sans fabric for that. Will have to keeping looking, I guess.

8 thoughts on “One Small Step…

    1. Thanks! I’m terrified lol. My S.I.L. said she found it funny that I could knit and crochet without any issue (fear-wise), but that I was a nervous wreck doing this. I pointed out that when knitting or crocheting I’m making something from string, not cutting something else up to make something new (haven’t yet had the heart to try steeking so for now the argument holds lol)

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      1. jessicacrafts

        I’m always most nervous when cutting the fabric. But then I only ever do straight lines so can imagine you must be even more nervous!


      2. Yeah, I’ve cut straight lines before for a denim quilt and stuff (only “quilting” I’ve ever done), and I’ve made a few pillows, but other than that? Not really.

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  1. Well done I gave up on sewing clothes years ago even after going to TAFE (night school) to learn. Quilting for me now and I have fabric in my stash I may never cut up as it’s to pretty. As for knitting crochet and cross stitch it’s easier to unravel or frog 🐸

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    1. yes! There’s that, too! If you screw up you can fix it lol.

      I have yet to learn to quilt (another thing on my want-to-learn list, eventually). I want to learn to sew clothes simply because I hate clothes shopping with the fiery passions from hell because nothing ever really fits me right. Figure that if I make it, I can hopefully do it in such a way where I’ll like the end result and it’ll be comfortable.


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