W.I.P. Fever Didn’t Last Long

After working on a few W.I.P.s I got to the point where I needed something a little more mindless (Fibro-fog ftw?) as most of the ones left are ones that require paying close attention. So what did I do?

Why, I cast on another pair of socks, of course. This didn’t end up being as straightforward a process as I would have liked. The yarn I used was one that was gifted to me a long time ago. I liked the colors and all (though I have zero idea what kind of yarn this is as there was no label), but as you can see…

Myeah, needless to say that this kind of took away from what was meant as a kind gesture (the patch of yarn that was cut was taped over… taped!).

this is what I ended up with

After many Russian joins, I finally got started.

So yeah, word to the wise: if you’re going to gift someone yarn from your stash, please make sure that it’s not obviously (and really *points up*, this was very obvious) cut or damaged. Your well-meaning gesture won’t quite come across that way otherwise.

4 thoughts on “W.I.P. Fever Didn’t Last Long

  1. maleficentknits

    OMG! How horrible! I’ve had knots so tight and terrible that I’ve had to cut them out, and some cakes where the ends are just wound over, but never tape! I always recake my yarn prior to using it in a project because of this.


    1. See, I’ve had that as well. If it happens in the middle of a skein that’s one thing, but this was very obviously something that was on the outside of the skein and a deliberate-looking cut. Which was then taped over. Let me tell ya that ripping that off the yarn was not fun.


  2. That is interesting gift a ball of wool (we say wool no matter what type of fibre) that has that many breaks? And gift it? Oh well at least you are using it. You can only do so many WIPs before you just start to itch to start something new. Russian joins, never seen that one, would be interested in how it works.


    1. Here’s the Russian join (YouTube)hope I did that right lol).

      Yeah, it kind of baffled me, too. I’d never do that unless I knew for damn sure the recipient would love it and be okay with it (just like I wouldn’t ever send scraps unless asked for).

      Haha, yes, absolutely the case. Mind you, if I’d had the yarn to work on my blanket some more I would have happily continued that W.I.P. instead.


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