End In Sight…

I hope, at least. Supposedly, my laptop is on its way home. I’m assuming that means it’s fixed, though I still don’t know what was wrong with it. I really hope it is fixed, though, because much as I like my phone, it’s getting tiresome to use for everything.

This week has been less prolific, as the weather kept messing with my fibro. I got a little further with the blanket, enough so that  out of purple. Oops? 

You all know Carrie Fisher, I’m sure. If for nothing else than her role as Princess Leia, but did you know she did a lot more than that? More than acting, even? She wrote several books as well. Wishful Drinking is one of them. If you can, get it in audio, because hearing her tell her own stories brings a whole new level to it. 

I just started another biography, one that will be very difficult to get through. Why? Well, because it’s The Life and Legends of Simon Wiesenthal. If you know anything about WWII, you’ve probably heard that name. He was a Holocaust survivor who worked long and hard to help bring those responsible to justice. 

2 thoughts on “End In Sight…

    1. It’s a little bittersweet, because she just passed away and all, but it’s so worth hearing her tell her story.

      Thanks! I’m quite liking how it’s working up, too. Think it has a rich jewel tone quality to it 🙂

      And oh please. Please let it work lol. Autocorrect is driving me batty

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