Yeah, Hi! So, It’s Sunday

My days got blended together and I completely spaced today is Sunday. Oops? At least I remembered in time to not miss out on the day completely and get my post up, right?

It’s amazing though, isn’t it? I’ve been itching to knit. To work on something easy and mindless because I’ve been dealing with anxiety and stress. Except of course I had no such projects on the needles. I’ve tried to finish the gloves but they’re a little too finicky now that I’m on the fingers, and I refuse to start a sweater until they’re done. Not that either sweater would be a mindless knit at any rate.

So what do I do? I cast on yet another circular blanket using (for now, until I run out and have to replenish the stash bit by bit) left over yarn from the gloves I finished last month. And I have to tell ya… as soon as I got in the rhythm of the pattern I could feel the tension ease. I seriously need to make sure to always have something on the needles that’ll allow me to knit zen.


I finished my audio book the other day. You know, the one I listen to when I go to bed? Thursday Next: First Among Sequels is set over a decade after Something Rotten. Thursday’s a little older and a little wiser. She’s a mother, a wife, a carpeter (carpet layer? Someone who installs carpets). Or is she?

If you know of Thursday Next, you know she’s a book jumper and that she works for Jurisfiction. In the “real world” she used to be SpecOps. Needless to say, her adventures there are vast and numerous and not without peril. And this time, the danger’s very close to home.

I enjoyed the book, but then I’ve not come across a Jasper Fforde book I haven’t liked yet.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, Hi! So, It’s Sunday

    1. oh you are so far from alone in that, it’s not even funny. I’m always a little discombobulated when it comes to my days, but usually never quite this badly.

      Thanks. I enjoy making them, especially when they involve multiple colors (it gets a bit boring with only one or two).


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