All roads lead to fanfiction.

Hi! I’m Dawn. I post a lot of random ideas on the Farmbunnies group on Facebook. Which I started really being a part of after I lost my husband about 20 months ago (blood clot in his heart).

Long ago, I was part of DnD and other gaming groups. Which lead me to start painting the little pewter figures. I made an entire chess set once, but couldn’t play w/it b/c it was too hard to keep track of which pieces were which. I did some Shadowrun, some mecha, some military, and the general DnD figurines before bad financial situation forced me to stop.



When things got better, I had lost interest in the tiny painting and took up painting porcelain. I did a couple little houses, and this awesome eagle for my super-patriot husband. (no longer own the houses)


Then we hit hard times again. By the time we recovered from that, I had gotten heavily into fanfiction. Mostly The OC, a show I was late in catching up with, but loved. I started posting on the pit ( and my husband tried posting there, but was more comfortable posting under an alias on an alternate history site. Eventually, events overtook us again and I was unable to post for a couple of years. It was hard to get back into things. I didn’t really post again until a few months before his passing, when we moved all our work to a joint account on AO3. It was created under 2sflovers, with his work under sarge heretic and mine under obsessed romantic. After his passing, I managed to post a few starts to my Teen Wolf ideas (which show I was lucky enough to share the first four seasons of w/him before he left) which I am trying very hard not to let die. I would also like to get back to work on my nearly-abandoned The OC fiction.

My first Halloween w/o my husband, the team at work got together to do a ‘Day of the Dead’ thing. I made skulls for each of the people I’d lost. I can’t find my husband’s, where I colored the teeth red, white, and blue w/a ‘big red one’ symbol on the forehead and stars for eyes. Here are the ones for my Grandmother (a former army nurse who made stuffed animals after retirement) my mother (a very girly girl who liked sparkly things and had a butterfly tattoo) and my step-father (a former navy man who had a short beard).




I am currently watching/obsessed w/DreamWorks Dragons, also known as How to Train your Dragon. Good stuff. I like Teen Wolf, but only the Stiles parts. I like Stargate and the MCU and the CW’s take on the DC verse. I like White Collar and Glee (but only for the Kurt parts where he’s not a doormat – so just the first couple seasons and parts of the rest, hate the ending). I like the reboot of Star Trek (sue me) and caper films like Now You See Me and Italian Job and Fast and Furious (what? they are!). I liked Supernatural – but they stopped letting the boys win, so I stopped watching. I love, love, love Keira Marcos‘ stuff. I also follow Kouriarashi on AO3  as well as astolat (same site) and copperbadge on his dreamwidth account. I could name others, but there are just so many!

I’m a big fan of competency fiction and happy endings. I’m also leaning more towards slash these days, for some reason. The last movie I saw was Fantastic Beasts and it was awesome. Not really feeling the Rogue One, people, sorry.

Listening to Panic! at the Disco, Imagine Dragons, and Fall Out Boys these days.

That’s about it. Check me out on AO3.

Thank you for having me!

One thought on “All roads lead to fanfiction.

  1. Thanks for being my guest, Dawn. I’m sorry for your loss; I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like. I love that you and your husband were able to share in those shows and in fandom.

    I remember my ex doing Warcraft figurines like that. Always very fiddly work, but they look so cool afterward.


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