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Hello all!

First off, let me apologize for my lateness. My career is does not make nice with having a life or making plans or deadlines or anything really. Secondly, I have to warn you all it’s been a very, very long time since I have written anything that is going to be read for pleasure. Sorry, if it sucks. LOL! *fingers crossed* It won’t!

My name is Donna. I am a wife, mom of 3, social worker for Child Protective Services, and full-time student working on my Master’s in Social Work at Campbellsville University. In addition to all of that, I have my own business. I am the owner of the Etsy store Foundry 1729.


About a year ago, I, along with my husband Terry, started making custom Home Decor, Wood Signs, Furniture, Tees & more. We first started doing business on Facebook. To my and my husband’s surprise, signs and tees were being sold like hot cakes. A very large stack of ooey, gooey hot cakes with mounds of syrup. (Sorry, I’m really craving pancakes right now.)

Opening an online store has been amazing, but also a lot of hard work. Not long after we started the Facebook store, we realized that just was not going to cut it. Orders were a jumbled mess and things were getting lost. I knew switching to a storefront where people paid upfront might lose Foundry a few clients, but in the end I knew it would be worth it. Mostly because people have a tendency to order things and then not have the money to pay for them on delivery if they are not paid for upfront. This revelation brought about our Etsy Store.

Orders this Holiday Season has been off the hook for us. It’s been so nice to have the extra money. It’s also made it extremely stressful as well though. The stress has come from an abundance of good fortune, though. Because our business has been overrun with custom orders. The store’s best seller has to be a 3” vinyl decal. The reason for this is that I have several resellers who have been ordering these things like no tomorrow.  They are putting them on Yeti’s of various sizes. They are also great for car windows, wall art, etc.


You can find the Monogram Sale here.

Another one of our most popular items is the Rustic Family Name Sign. This sign has been a HUGE FREAKING hit! It is completely customizable to suit you and your family.


The Rustic Family Name Sign can be found here.

Soon Foundry 1729 will be adding digital cut files, custom furniture and so much, much more! Stop by and check us out.

Other than protecting the littles of the world and making pretties, I am an avid reader.When it comes to reading, I can devour a book in no time. My favorite published authors are Suzanne Brockman, Bertrice Small – most especially her Skye O’Malley series, JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins. However, lately all I seem to read is fanfiction. I admit it! I am a fangirl! I squeal and sigh over my favorite actors. The list includes Jackson Rathbone – He’s just so beautiful! Gale Harold – So intense and hot! Alexander Skarsgard – HELLO GORGEOUS! And the new and improved Mark Paul Gosselaar! Goodbye Zack Morris, move out of the way for Mike Lawson!

As for what I am currently reading, Not without Action which is a Eric/Sookie story set in the Sookie Stackhouse Verse NOT the True Blood nightmare that HBO put out. Next are two Lawson/Baker stories which are based on the new show PITCH they are Bawson OneShots and Little Earthquakes. Enjoy!

Happy Reading, Happy Crafting!

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