Heart & Soul

Hi!  When Karin first asked me to write a post for her blog, I sat down and typed up 500+ words the next day.  This is not that post.  I hated that post with a vengeance and had to rewrite it.  So, this is my third try, I think.  It might be the fourth.  Either way, it sounds way better than the first one.  That one was way too stiff and formal, which just isn’t me.

About Me

Let me introduce myself.  I am Kat Sanders of The Painted Kat, my small piece of the internet, where I bare my heart and soul in my artwork.  Yeah, it isn’t much, but it is mine.  I have lofty goals.  I’m working to start a YouTube channel in 2017.  I’m going to start out small with time-lapse videos of my artwork and then hopefully into tutorials and vlogs later down the road.  Keep an eye out for that.  My first video will probably be me going through the sketchbook I just completed.

Crossing Lines – Giraffe


I’m very artistic.  I draw and paint.  My favorite mediums are acrylic paint (Winsor and Newton Galeria), colored pencils (Prismacolor Premier), ink pencils (Derwent Inktense) and Ink Markers (Faber-Castell Pitt Pens).  I’m also using some Royal and Langnickel watercolors that I received from my Secret Santa at work but I’m not really impressed with them.  I’m planning a review of them for my blog in the new year once I have used them a few more times.



I’m also very crafty.  I tend to make some of my Christmas gifts each year.  This year I made picture frames, but they were very unique.  Last year, I made coasters.  Also, I sew, make jewelry and decoupage.  It all depends on what I feel like doing or what the project calls for.  I like learning to do different things.

marlee-set fancy-purple


I used to write fan fiction, but not anymore.  I was okay at it, but I find more pleasure in my art.   I think there may still be a few pieces up at Twisting the Hellmouth under DarkDesign.  Mostly, I just write for my site.  I’m working on a few tutorials for my blog, but that is about it


I spend most of my time on my arts and crafts.  When I’m not, working on my art, I’m probably reading fanfiction.  It’s a tossup between Jilly James and Keira Marcos as my favorite, but Jilly probably comes out slightly ahead because DRAGONS!!!!  I love dragons and Emergence is probably my favorite story right now. My OTPs are Derek/Stiles, Steve/Tony, Steve/Danny, Gibbs/Tony, Harry/Draco… though I don’t limit myself to reading just those pairings. I just stumbled on Phil Coulson/Mycroft Holmes thanks to a Minion the other day, so that pairing can be added to the list.

My favorite non-fan fiction author is Gail Carriger and her The Parasol Protectorate series.  I love Steampunk and Victorian alternative fiction.  My favorite poet is Walt Whitman and my favorite poem is I Sing The Body Electric.


If I’m not creating or reading, I’m probably playing games.  Right now, I just started playing World of Warcraft.  I only have one character so far.  Her name is Zaubrer.  She is an Undead Beast Mastery Hunter with Skinning and Leatherworking Professions.  As I write this, Zaubrer is Level 40, but that will change probably in just as few hours as I will be playing again later tonight.  I am part of a guild but it is just a random one that offered me membership, so I don’t really feel like I am a part of it.  If you are in my part of the WOW world, come find me!

So, this is just a little bit about me.  I hope it was intriguing enough for you to check out my artwork.

Find Me

Here is a list of places you can find me on the internet:

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