Wishing all of you a great day today, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or any of the myriad holidays this season.

I’m still recovering from that stupid plague cold, so I haven’t been up to very much. Christmas will be extended this year, since I never did get around to do any of my normal baking and sending packages and stuff. All I have managed is to finish one of the many fingerless gloves I was supposed to have done by today. Oops?

fingerless gloves

The rest of them will have to follow as soon as I’m back to fully functioning.

So yesterday hubby took me out for a treat: we went to see It’s a Wonderful Life in the theater. I had never seen it before (and I’ve seen a lot of the Christmas classics in my time). I loved it. Yes, I was absolutely a blubbering mess right there in the theater (a kind lady even asked me very quietly whether I was alright afterward, because I was still crying). Hubby and I have come to the agreement that if the theater’ll continue to show the movie on Christmas Eve, we’re going to make it a tradition to go watch it.

Have you seen it? What are some of your favorite must-see’s of the season? Mine are White Christmas (yes, tears every time there, too) and A Christmas Carol, and now this one.

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