Patton on the Ritz

collage-2016-11-23-12_05_21Hi y’all!  This is Hanna. First off, let me introduce myself.  I am the wife to an Iraq veteran and LEO, and Mama/StepMama to six boys ranging in age from 15 years to almost 17 months old.  We have a busy blended family, and 3 rowdy dogs to round it all out.  Yes, my house is a loud, messy, mess, but I love these boys so much!

For my day job, I work as a Children’s minister at a local church.  Three days a week you will find me planning curriculum and art projects for kids from preschool through fifth grade.  I have also been putting my high school show choir experience to good use directing and choreographing the kid’s choir as well!  I’m so glad my office is in the back corner; I feel less silly dancing around my computer!

My side hustle is where I get to fulfill my creativity.  Most of my spare time is spent working as a merchandiser for a direct sales jewelry and accessories company called Chloe and Isabel.  I have loved jewelry since I was teeny, and while working with kids is definitely my calling, styling clients and creating displays fills my cup back up.  When I started getting an allowance as a young girl, I would save it all up and blow every single cent at Claire’s in the mall, much to the disdain of my Daddy who just didn’t get my love of accessories.

It’s all starting to make sense now, and my quirky, “toddlergrandma” style is paying off!  I might even go so far as to say he’s proud of me and my little business, Bijou Charlie, which is named after my Grandmother that passed away about 10 months ago.

There are many other creative endeavors that I’d love to complete, but I just don’t have the energy at the end of the day!  I am a singer by trade, and miss voice lessons something fierce.  Food is a pretty big deal in my house too, but I’ve been slacking on my wannabe foody persona.

Wreath making, painting, and writing are all things that have become back burner these days.  I had my own blog years ago, as well as a fairly successful stint in the fanfiction universe ;).  Those two adventures in writing introduced be to so many incredibly talented, life long friends, and I’m grateful for them every single day (and every time I open facebook in this crazy post-election world we live in).

But let’s get back to the now. While I love to read, right now I am not reading a single thing!  It’s sad times in the kingdom for this book lover/hoarder, but hopefully I can squeak out some time to get lost in a book over the holdiays.

Some of my favorite stories include Jane Eyre, Traveling Mercies, Succubus Blues, and Anna and the French Kiss.  Young Adult fiction, memoirs, and cookbooks are usually my groove too.

The other night I asked my husband those questions that are floating around facebook right now.  You’re supposed to ask them without any warning, etc, etc.  So, when I asked him where my favorite place to go would be he said, “a museum”!  That is as accurate as it can possibly be.  Museums represent a save haven of knowledge and beauty, and I’d spend every day alternating between the art museum and the book store if I could.

As we transition between holidays here, I hope and pray that more of us can create in ourselves and our families save havens of beauty and knowledge.

I might not always finish am art project with my kids, and we may or may not have had Ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch yesterday, but I’m big on forgiveness.  I’m big on clean slates and second chances.20161119_165707.jpg

To close, I will share with y’all the family motto my kids and I share before school each morning:

“Jesus loves you, so be a good friend.  Don’t forget to be awesome, but be careless. Do your best work; finish it; complete it; get all the points!  I love you very much, and don’t forget to be a Salty Candle.”

Xoxo, Hanna

PS, You can visit my boutique at:

One thought on “Patton on the Ritz

  1. Hi Hanna, thanks for being my guest. I can’t even imagine how busy and chaotic your life is. Have you tried audio books? Might be a way to get some reading in, in between life.


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