Battery Low

This week’s been… well, let’s just say it could have been better and that I do not like having to deal with insurance claims. And grateful as I am to have a car available to me right now, I want ours back, which is currently in the shop because someone clipped the driver’s side mirror clean off (no one was hurt, just… annoyed).

Anywho… the stress of everything’s left me with very few spoons left to do much of anything, so unfortunately I have nothing to show. At least, no finished projects as I had hoped (I’m so close though, dangit).

I do have a new project waiting in the wings. A friend of mine needs a sweater for her pitbull. She’s not had much luck finding one that fits him right, so I’ll be attempting to knit him one. This one, as a matter of fact. I’ve never knit a sweater for a dog before so we’ll see what challenges that’ll bring.

This coming week’s going to be… interesting, as well. Hopefully I’ll manage to get some crafting in.

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