accio words!

hi there!

my name is kimber, and i met karin during the height of twilight’s fanfiction craze — a mutual friend of ours (*waves at jen*) introduced me to karin and her writing, and we became fast friends as well. i was mostly a reader and admirer of all the fantastic fic being written out there, but i also dabbled a bit in penning some fics myself. jacob black had long been my favorite character in the twilight series which i obsessively devoured on a running loop for years, and i decided to rewrite new moon from his perspective, in a fic titled just call me sunshine. i also created countless banners, signatures, avis, and graphics in general for my friends and favorite fic authors — it was the greatest pleasure for me, being able to combine reading and art, which are two of my favorite things in the world.
i have been a creative person all my life, diving into art classes from the moment i could hold a pencil or a paintbrush, so it’s no wonder that i ended up making a career of it when i “grew up” (the quotations are necessary, believe me). these days i am a full-time graphic designer, and in the spaces between that i also run a business based on etsy called bright designs. it is there that i am lucky enough to be able to continue merging my passions for both reading and art through typographic art prints. a few examples from my literary line of prints (an excerpt from that specific scene in the book creates the background texture):

since music is also something i love very much, i design lyrical art prints as well:

i love it when people ask for custom items, like the totally customizable event invitations that i list in my shop, but also entirely new designs based on passages from books or lines in their favorite songs that they’d like to see made visual. these custom orders are always the best learning experiences for me, and even though IRL i am not what you would call a “people person” (*coughUNDERSTATEMENTcough*), i do very much enjoy the communication of thoughts and ideas that comes with the process of making art for another person.


basically, i love words of any sort, and the emotions they evoke from the person taking them in, whether it is via a book or a song or really anything else. give me all of the words, please and thank you.


aside from being a graphic designer, i also enjoy fussing over diy projects around the house — whether this means simple picture collages or painting vases, or even upcycling materials to make old items into something new and beautiful again. i also had a brief crocheting phase a few years ago, wherein i crocheted a scarf for basically every member of my large italian family as well as some of my close friends… but once winter ended that year, i inexplicably never picked up a crochet hook again. i would love to get back into it, though — it honestly is a complete mystery to me why this particular crafting ability seemed to effortlessly fall right out of my life when all the others have stuck around!


though i am lucky enough to do what i love for a living (times two, really), it is often difficult to find time to relax and read these days, and as i previously mentioned, reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do. hello, audiobooks! no matter what I’m doing – commuting, running errands, or just doing things around the house – i am almost always listening to a book or two. i also find ebooks to read during my lunchtime at work, and i frequently try to work my way through the physical copies of to-be-read books on my own shelves when i can finally sit down at the end of the day. currently i am reading redemption road, beastly bones, and across a star-swept sea. i am also almost constantly rereading the harry potter series, whether it is via hardback or thanks to stephen fry’s flawless audiobook narration. there are (somewhat ironically) no words that could adequately describe what it has meant to me throughout my life. though i am a proud member of many fandoms, harry potter has my heart.


before i go, i want to thank karin for inviting me to ramble on about myself and what i love to do; this has been such a fun experience.
and remember, if you ever find yourself in need of an art print, i’m your girl. 🙂

5 thoughts on “accio words!

  1. Hi Kimber! *waves frantically* Thank you for being my guest. It’s so awesome to me that you’ve managed to take what you love and turn it into a business.
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself here ❤


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