Quack Quack!

She be done! It took me the better part of a year of on/off knitting, but I finally cast off on that Ducks blanket on Friday. *dances*Circular Ducks Blanket

So glad it’s done. I think I’m through knitting circular blankets for a while ;-). I’ve already cast on another project which I can’t share with you yet. Yes, it’s a gift. Patience my young Padewans 😉

Oh! So speaking of finishing. I finished with Heartless – the fourth book in the Parasol Protectorate series –  other day. Seriously, if you haven’t started reading the series yet, fix it. I never in my life thought I’d say this about steampunk (what can I say, it’s generally not my jam), but it is awesome. I adore Alexia and Conall and Lord Akeldama and all the others. The only character I despise is Felicity. You’ll get why once you start reading, I’m sure.

While we’re on the subject of characters. Who is your favorite character and who is a character you absolutely despise?

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6 Responses to Quack Quack!

  1. The blanket looks awesome!
    I don’t think I could name one favourite character. There’s too many. Without thinking about it too much (because otherwise this would become a very long list) I’d say Gen from the thief. And Eli monpress from… the Eli monpress books, who is also a thief so maybe there’s a pattern there lol.


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