Funny How Things Work Out Sometimes

Isn’t it? Thanks to Nikki’s guest post a while back, I got back in touch with a friend whom I’ve not seen in… oh, about a decade? Give or take a year? Anywho, she found me on Facebook and we’ve been doing what one does on that platform, eventually hoping to catch up with each other in real life at some point.

Well, said ‘some point’ happened last Thursday. Amy came and picked me up to go out to lunch and to check out a new yarn store that had opened recently. Needless to say, my interest was piqued. There aren’t many yarn stores in the area and they’re both a little out of the way for yours truly. Cozy is a little more accessible to me as it turns out, which is awesome.

Of course, Amy and I both being avid knitters, we ended up doing the yarn store before lunch. I fully intended to take pictures while we were there, but we got to talking and I kind of forgot. Luckily, the lovely lady who owns Cozy gave me permission to use the ones that are on Facebook.


As you can see, the place is lovely and bright and has quite a bit of yarn to fondle check out. One of the things I fell in love with (aside from the very friendly lady, whom I’m afraid to admit I cannot recall the name of. I know, I’m horrible), is that they aim to work with local and/or Indie dyers. How cool is that?!

Cozy's selection of yarn

Obviously, they don’t solely carry Indie, as they also carry a nice range of stuff like Cascade among other things. But still, I love the idea of it. Not to mention, I got to pimp out a few of my yarn-y friends as well, so who knows what might happen ;-).

Last, but not least, they have some awesome art in the back area. You can just make it out in the top picture, but here’s a close up of it.

Cozy's wall art

Isn’t that cool? In case you can’t tell, those are painted “crocheted” mandalas. I think they’re awesome.

Aside from the lovely yarn and a pretty good array of knitting paraphernalia, they encourage people to drop in for a chat and a bit of knitting, which I am going to have to go do at some point. They also have a rewards program, which, you know… cool 😉 Not a bad one, either.

I definitely wish we could have spent more time there, because yarn and friendly people and yarn are win in my book ;-).

But, we had a lunch to have, so we ended up going across the street to 5th Street Market. I’d been there before, but it’d been a hell of a long time since I’d last set foot in there so a lot had changed. More than I can remember, at any rate. We had some amazing food and I got to expand my horizons a little further and can now add balsamic (reduced) vinegar and pesto to my repertoire. Though I admit, I forgot to ask what kind they used for both, because of course I did. Ah well, just means I have to go back and ask them, maybe enjoy another meal there. Oh, the horror ;-).

All in all, it was very nice to catch up with my friend after all these years. We’ll have to do it again soon, I think.

So I haven’t really talked books in a while. Mostly because I haven’t actually finished reading any of them because, well, I hadn’t really been reading much. First there was Rough Trade, and then followed a large period of not much brain function when it came to stuff like reading. Another friend of mine recently gifted me the Parasol Protectorate series and I immediately started reading. I’ve only gotten to chapter… five, I think? But man, oh man, I’m hooked. I love the sass (it is strong in this one!), and the fact that vampires and werewolves are considered normal and accepted in Victoria-London. Alexia might just be my spirit animal (which is kind of funny when you think about it). I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Have you read it yet? Don’t spoil me, but if you have, did you like it? Which characters do you like best?

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