Hello From Under the Bookshelf

Hello friends and followers of Karin! I’m afraid I’ve taken over. If you ever want to see your precious Karin again…what? Oh. Never mind, Karin will be back tomorrow.

My name is Sarah Read and I’m an author and editor. I write horror and dark fiction—sometimes fantasy and sci fi. You can find my work in places such as Black Static, Exigencies, Suspended in Dusk, and others. I’m the Editor in Chief at Pantheon Magazine and a freelance editor and copywriter. I’m on Twitter and Instagram @inkwellmonster and on the web over here.

Here’s what I’m up to!

What I’m reading: Mostly client manuscripts! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading for work. I’m also reading Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn. It’s a great, gritty horror/noir page-turner. I’m really enjoying it. If you like dark fiction about flawed protagonists trying to overcome their demons while also trying to overcome actual demons, you should give it a look. Next up is Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay. His last book, A Head Full of Ghosts, landed squarely on my top-ten-all-time-fav-books list, so I have high hopes.


What I’m writing: I’m currently working on three short stories (two solicited and one spontaneous), one novella (which is a collaboration with a friend), and some additional material for my novel manuscript. I could use about six extra hours in the day to get all these done on time.


What I’m making: I’m crocheting a few dozen strips of lace edging that a friend commissioned for her daughter’s wedding. I’m using all vintage patterns and I’m really enjoying myself. I’m also knitting a sweater for my youngest—he’s about to turn eighteen months and needs a nice warm sweater for the Wisconsin winter. And of course I have a list of planned projects about as long as my arm.

IMG_1908 (3)

Where I’ll be: I have short stories coming out soon in Menacing Hedge, Suspended in Dusk 2, The Frankenstein Experiment, and Gamut. I also have crochet designs out in the fall issues of Love of Crochet and Interweave Crochet and in the special Toys issue of Love of Knitting. Pantheon Magazine’s Hestia issue will be hitting the shelves soon, and we’ve just announced the table on contents for our Gaia anthology over on our Facebook page!

Thanks for having me here on the site! I, uh, better go untie Karin, now. Take care!



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