Please Tell Me…

That there’s an end to Summer soon. I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. After all, it’s been a fairly mild season so far over all. Which, you know, is good, but it’s still been very warm – too warm at times, something that doesn’t play nice with my fibro. I’m definitely ready for things to cool down, how about you?

It’s not just because the heat gets me (well, it is, by and large, but…). It’s also that I want to work on my blanket again, something that’s gone by the wayside while it’s been too hot to have that much fabric in my lap. I want to make sweaters, too, though granted I have no yarn for it nor am I likely to get any any time soon. Doesn’t mean I don’t still want to work on them, though.

I’ve also been daydreaming about things like fall and Christmas decorations for the house (hush, I know it’s early still, but making things takes time). Not the tiny apartment we’re currently in but the non-existent-but-longed-for-home-of-our-own. I want to be able to make and hang wreaths. Have table runners and place-mats and napkins that match and are decorated according to whichever holiday. Make Christmas decorations for around the house and in the tree.

All things that will happen some day. Have to hold onto that 🙂

For now, I can work on things like my shawl, on which I have made very little progress, mostly because I’ve been in a flare for the brunt of this past week. Still trucking along when I can, though. Think I’ll make it?

sewanee wip

I have another project coming up that I’m looking forward to working on. It’s a cross stitch piece for a friend of mine. Promise I’ll share in due course. I still need to finish the two other pieces I have going, too *frowns at self*. Maybe something I’ll get to work on this week, provided these flares ease up.

What is your favorite (either already made, or something on your wish/to do list) craft for your home for the upcoming seasons?

4 thoughts on “Please Tell Me…

  1. Paardje

    I know that feeling too! I often daydream of crocheting table runners and flower-themed curtains and table toppers and what not … Bur for the house that will become our home and not for this temporary one. The Oh well, at least we have something to look forward to 🙂


    1. Yes, exactly. Though we’ve been in this place long enough it’s starting to feel permanent lol. We just don’t have the kind of room to do what I want to do with a home, especially not for storage for everything. Some day. I just have to keep telling myself: some day.

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      1. Paardje

        I’m often tempted to just go ahead and make them, you know. Seize the day and all that 😀 That table runner …mmmmm! Let’s just buy yarn in a neutral color so that it will work with whatever color scheme our ‘future’ home will have 😉


      2. You see, I’d totally do this except we don’t have the storage space for anything like that lol. Or I’d have been hoarding all the decorations I want for my ‘home’ for years already 😉

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