Pass the Coffee, Please

So our schedule’s been flipped upside-down. Again. And yes, it’s just as much ‘fun’ as last time. Not sure how long it’ll last, but we’re muddling through as best we can. In the mean time, someone please pass me the coffee? Thanks.

So last week was my birthday, as I mentioned. We spent all day watching Harry Potter movies and we made it halfway through the sixth before having to call it a day. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself 😉 It was fun, at any rate. And I got a lot done on my Sewanee!


See? I hit the color change and I’m a row or so out from starting the lace part of the program. Unfortunately I haven’t had much chance to work on it since last Sunday, because I’ve been having such a hard time adjusting to the new schedule. I’ll get there, though.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I’ve learned something this past week. It’s never too late to try new things. All my life, there have been a few constants in what I do and do not like to eat. My likes are still the same, I haven’t grown out of any of them.

My dislikes, however… Well, let’s just say that the list has shrunk. Over the past year or so, I’ve added chicken liver, Brussel sprouts, guacamole (Holy Guacamole only, and still no avocado on its own), and the most recent addition to the repertoire is watermelon. Both avocado and watermelon I’ve had issues with in the past. I didn’t like the taste, smell, or texture of them so that was a lot to overcome, but apparently my tastes and ability to handle certain textures has changed. I still have the texture issue with avocados (for now, at least), but at least I can eat watermelons. Which is a good thing, because they’re supposed to be really good for people like me. Better yet, I’ve found I actually like them. I have one (and some pineapple and a cantaloupe) waiting to be cut up as we speak and I’m looking forward to some nice fruit salad later.

Have you ever had your tastes change? How have you managed to overcome your dislikes/issues with certain foods so that you’re able to eat them now (not counting allergies, obviously)?


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