Spirituality and Books.

Hey there, I’m Sue or gypsysue to those that read fanfiction.  I have known Karin for, oh boy, a long time.  She would read over stuff for me, I would do it for her, we had timed writing groups to push us which help the writing process.  She has to be one of the most awesome people I know online.  Anyway, back to me, I am one of those people that are kinda crafty kinda not.  I do knit from time to time, usually blankets and scarfs, cause that’s the best I can do, I use to crochet and have been thinking about getting back into it lately actually.  Needlepoint is also something I enjoy, and have been thinking very seriously about starting candle making.  I make jewelry sometimes but prefer to make pendulums, as they help with balancing chakras.  I am quite spiritual. I read cards and do healing work from time to time, using crystals and a variation on Raki.

Balancing chakras are important to keep a person balanced, and unblocking them can help with, for example, if you are having trouble expressing yourself, sometimes it can help by balancing out your chakras and unblocking your vocal chakra.  Check out this link if you are interested in what and where the chakras are.

For a reading, there are different types of cards to use, such as Tarot cards, which I can use, but each reader has a preference.  Mine are Angel cards, and I usually do a three card draw.  This usually just gives me something to center myself on, while I get messages and pass them on to whoever I’m reading.  Readings vary from person to person but one thing I have found to always be true is that most people don’t get what they want or expect to hear, usual what they need to hear.


Healing is fun for me, I have always found it very rewarding to help people, and though it takes a lot of energy out of me, it was a great thing to do.  I have not been doing it for a while but have been thinking a lot about getting back into it.  My own health and body issues have been a struggle, but working around your own limitations is one of the lesson we are all here to learn.  Now healing is not about curing, as some people believe, we are not God nor are we doctors, but what it is about, is making connections between body and spirit.  We can ease discomfort, help get someone through the day or week, by helping ease symptoms.  It’s hard to explain, unless you have had it done by someone who is a proper healer or can heal.  It’s like an exchange of energy, to help bolster you.  All the healers I have met each have there own way of doing things, for me its about my hands.  I tend to expel heat from them when I concentrate on healing, which I have always found weird as I tend to run cold most of the time.  Here is some information on healing if you would like to learn more or have a different perspective on it.

My favorite things to do though are writing and painting.   I’m not very good at painting but its a great stress reliever, and I like to get my moods out onto a canvas.


As for my writing, at the moment I am working on an original piece that’s been in the process for a while now, I am loving creating a whole new world, but it is time consuming.  My fanfiction I have a few stories on the go at once, I tend to bounce between stories.  I have found in the last few months I work best that way, so I write a bit here and a bit there, until there is enough for an update. You can find my writing on my wordpress page.

But my all time favorite thing to do is read.  I scourer that internet for great fanfiction, which I read the most, and sneak in a few books here and there, at the moment I am reading the Halo series by Alexandra Adornetto, it’s about 3 Angels sent to earth to bring goodness in a world falling under the influence of darkness.

You can check them out here.

I read a lot of fanfiction, from a variety of authors.  Harry Potter is my favorite kind, and I love Harry Potter crossovers as well.  Hard to find pairings are great too, my favorite of those are Harry/Cedric and Harry/Godric from True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries.

At the moment I am re-reading an old favorite called:

Owned by JordanGrant:

Summary: The Malfoys have always been owned by the Potters. Strange? Yes. But true, and coming true again. Harry finds himself with no alternative but to claim Draco for his very own slave. Canon-compliant through DH, but ignores the epilogue. Keywords: slavery, slavefic
Genres: Angst, BDSM, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Adult Language, BDSM, Dubious Consent, Sexual Content, Spoilers, Hurt/Comfort, D/s

It’s complete except for the Epilog.   I really enjoy the complex emotions faced by the characters, and  found it to be an interesting concept.  What would you do if someone you hated became your slave, or becoming the slave.

There are an abundance of good fics out there, but linking them all would take forever.  Most of you know Keira MarcosJilly James, and naelany.

Now my all time favorite book is February Dragon by Colin Thiele: The lives of three Australian children are cruelly affected when a bushfire known as the February Dragon sweeps across the countryside.

My 7th grade teacher Mr Williamson, read this book to the class, and though I had enjoyed reading before, this is the moment when I became enthralled with reading and writing.  This is the book that changed me and help me realise that reading was being transported into the lives of others and seeing through the characters lives, how they felt, what experience they had and how it impacted their journeys.

Well that’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed reading.




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