I’m Doing a Thing

A knitting thing. Yes, it’s true ;-). I’ve finally settled on a pattern for that beautiful yarn Krysten gave me.


The lighting’s pretty bad, I’m afraid, so you don’t get to see the pretty sparkles. I’ll try to get a better shot when I’m a little further along. It’s nice to be knitting again, it’s been far too long. Especially nice today as yesterday really tired me out.

Why, do you ask? Because yesterday we went to our first local Pokémon meet and we ended up spending a good six hours hanging out in the park. There was a lot of Pokémon (of course), chatting, and a lot of walking. So much walking. It was a lot of fun and I hope they’ll do another one at some point. But for today, I’m playing hookie from writing and from Pokémon.

Well… sort of. Hubby’s got me watching the show for the first time, so it’s not a completely Pokémon-free day 😉 I’ve definitely fallen for Pikachu. Which is your favorite Pokémon?

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