Keeping it going


Karin asked me to write for this blog a while ago and I’m so honoured she’s giving me the chance to leave some words here. When she asked me I figured I would have enough time to write, but as things in life do, the date snuck up on me and here I am, making this up on the go.

Oh well, it’s how my words come out best most of the time.

So let me introduce myself first. I’m Dooba on the internet – obviously it’s not my real name but I like staying hidden behind an alter ego that is, I’ll admit, perhaps more ‘me’ than the real me that people get to see in real life.

In real life, I try to do the adult thing. I live in the Netherlands where I share an apartment with my Mr. I teach at a university college, I publish academic papers, I travel abroad to present at conferences. I work full time and when I’m not mulling over lesson plans I try to write or craft a little bit. When I write, that’s when the Dooba part of me starts to leak out.

I like it especially when these conferences take me to sunny places!

Dooba is the part of me that rolled into fan fiction back in 2010, when I read Twilight and wanted to find a cure for my book hangover. Through fan fiction I found Twitter, and through Twitter I found Karin, a fellow Dutchie living in the States. Through Karin I also found Ravelry, not that long ago, where I now go to find knitting projects that make my heart sing.

I’m not a very advanced knitter but I like to try new things. Knitting, I’ve been told, has the same mental benefits as, say, running. And since a car accident 5 years ago effectively killed any chance of me ever running again, I’ve found that knitting has the same effect when it comes to calming down my mind. When I knit, I can plot, so that when I sit down to write, words will actually come out.

I’ve taken pictures of two kitting projects I’m especially proud of. My first project, an alpaca wool sweater (pattern here) and a mint green cardigan with lace knitting (pattern) that was surprisingly easy to make. Of course by the time I’d finished that sweater, winter was so far gone it was too hot to wear it. It lies in wait for me now in my closet. Winter is coming at one point, right?

This was my first grown up project; an alpaca wool sweater.

As far as writing goes, for now it’s still mostly fan fiction you will find online. You can check my profile if you’re interested in seeing what I write. My biggest story is ‘Torn‘, an epic (no, but
seriously, have you seen the word count?) tale of a girl who fights to heal after a horrific history of abuse. I have a weak spot for ‘healing stories’ and felt like there weren’t enough fics out there that focus on the hope, on the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope that I’ve been able to help a few people with my words.

IMG_4227 2
My beloved cardigan, already well-worn!

I have a few finished original stories sitting on my hard drive. I still need to find the courage to actually send something to a publisher. Guess I’m
still stuck on cherishing the dream instead of actually chasing it, but that’s okay. I’ll get there.

What else can I tell you? I’m on Facebook and Twitter and I’m very talkative in general. I should warn you though that I have generally no filter. That’s one of the many joys of having an alter ego, right? I’ll also put in random terms like Destiel and Stucky and if you know what they mean, come share a chocolate cookie with me! You know you wanna 😉

When I’m not chatting you’ll probably catch me singing – I’m a trained high soprano. Yes, I have the Queen of the Night in my Spotify playlist. Yes, I sing this in my car. Singing and writing are what kept me going when my body went on strike after the accident. And now I’m back at work, as a teacher no less, it helps me keep my head level when I wonder what ever got into me to choose this profession.

I’ll leave it here. If you want a book rec, I’ll go with The Giver by Lois Lowry, a YA novel that really makes you think about what humankind is capable of. I’m not usually one for dystopian settings, but this book really make me think. Have you read it? What were your thoughts?

Thanks again Karin for letting me write some words here. Much love from The Netherlands,

Dooba Writes.


One thought on “Keeping it going

  1. Thanks for being my guest, sweets! I’m glad that you find a new escape in knitting, though I’m sorry that you lost your running. *hugs*
    *grins* can’t wait to see what you’ll try next 🙂


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