A creative piece of me

Hello!  First off, thanks so much to Karin for reaching out to me and asking me to guest blog!  I’m Adri, and I’m so delighted to be sharing my creative bits with all of you!  I’m a jewelry designer and fashion/lifestyle blogger.  I also love to sew and knit, which is how I know Karin (although a wrist injury has put the knitting on hold for a while).   

Summertime means my kids are constantly under my feet, and I’ve found that I’m doing a lot more kid-themed projects (although oddly, not for my own children).  Most recently, I helped my bestie redecorate her 10 year old son’s bedroom in an anime/manga theme by painting a canvas with his name in Japanese.  (I’m also a huge Japanophile and I take credit for introducing him to many of his favorite animes and mangas)  
Japanese canvas

I’ve also been busy at the sewing machine making dresses for another friend’s daughter.  These are all McCall’s pattern 7377 (view C, no pockets), and the fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I’m thankful that this pattern sews up quickly – there are 5 dresses!  An added bonus is that I anticipate my daughter getting these as hand-me-downs in a couple of years.

Girls dresses

Of course, sometimes there are those projects that sort of stall – I need to get fabric for the borders and backing on this Asian-inspired quilt for my bedroom.  The pattern is from Tula Pink’s book Quilts from the House of Tula Pink.  I was incredibly lucky last year and scored the book and all the fabrics (except the sashing) from a quilt guild’s sale for less than $50!  Of course, I know once this gets done, I’ll have to repaint my bedroom.  


Now, you may be thinking, “Hey, didn’t you say you were a jewelry designer?  Where’s the jewelry??”  Lately in the studio it’s been much more about clearing old inventory and less about creating (feel free to go check out some serious sales on my Facebook page), but I do have a few new pieces in the works.  These sterling silver filigree earrings are inspired by the architectural details I saw during a recent trip to Madrid.


In addition to crafting and creating, I am an avid reader.  Or, as my husband says, consumer of books. I binge read books like some people binge-watch Netflix.  Thank goodness my house is only a couple of miles away from the local library!  Here’s what I’m currently reading:

My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz – recipes, anecdotes, and cultural insights from the world’s most romantic city.  The leeks with vinaigrette are delicious!

Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese – extensive beauty advice from the modern day pin-up queen, with great features on a variety of people with unique aesthetics.

Bon Appetempt by Amelia Morris – a memoir of a Pennsylvania girl who becomes an award-winning food blogger.  Her linguini with mussels is on my “to make” list.

The Tastemakers by David Sax – an analytic take on how food trends are born (and how they die).  The entire first chapter is on the Sex in the City scene in front of Magnolia Bakery.

Behave by Andromeda Romano-Lax – a fictionalized account of Rosalie Rayner’s life as the wife of psychologist John Watson.

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini – the fourth book of the Eragon series, which centers on a boy who finds a dragon egg, and is called to battle a tyrant king.

What I'm reading now

(You may notice that Inheritance is not pictured – my son took it to a sleepover at my parents’ and forgot it there.  Of course, we were right in the middle of reading an epic battle scene.)

Next up for me, I’m reworking my website to be more of a blog and less of an e-commerce site.  I want it to be a source of inspiration for the mom that wants to up her style and social game.  I’ll be focusing on beauty, fashion, and weekly book reviews (because who doesn’t want to be well-read??)  Look for reviews on most of these books in the upcoming months!  


Thanks again to Karin for inviting me to post, and please feel free to find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or the blog and say “hi”!


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