It’s Still Sunday! (Pokémon!)

At least in my neck of the woods it is. So I think we’ve established that this whole changing sleep schedules deal isn’t really working out as hoped. Barely being functional is not how I imagined spending my awake time. I will admit, the last couple of days have gone a little better on that front, but not enough. Which means… we’re changing back to our old sleep schedule, but hopefully doing so a little smarter by doing it in stages. Meaning, adjusting a few hours every day until we’re back to the old. I’m really, really hoping that’ll cause less problems for us than the abrupt change did.

As for the ‘little better’ part of the above. I’m sure it’s not gone without notice that Pokémon GO! got launched the other day. Now, I have never in my life watched the show or played the game in any form, but both hubby and I downloaded the game and have been hooked. Not least because we’ve been going for walks (we’ve been wanting to find some form of low impact exercise that we can stick to for a while, but just walking for walking’s sake hasn’t appealed).

Long walks.

Hunting Pokémon.

And it’s been awesome. Why? Because during our walks we’ve met a lot of people out doing the same, and they’re all ages. The cutest one was a mom and dad with their little boy and the kid shouting as his dad to wait because “I caught a bellsprout, dad! I caught a Bellsprout!”. Now, I don’t know the first thing about how rare any of these Pokémon are, but just his enthusiasm for it was precious.

Mind, all this walking isn’t without its own toll on me, but in this case it’s worth it, I think. This, I don’t mind so much wiping me out, though hopefully that’ll improve over time.

Have you been bit by the Pokémon bug yet?

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