A little late to count as a Sunday post but there you have it. My days are out of whack, still, and will continue to be for a while yet. I’m really, really looking forward to getting off this schedule because man, it’s messing with me in just about every way imaginable.

Anyway. There’s been no crafting going on, I’m sure this comes as no surprise. However, writing has been happening (except today, because I woke with a headache that wouldn’t quit and I’m having trouble thinking straight. It’s okay, though. I’ll catch up eventually).

One of the things I love about Rough Trade is that it lets you learn about what does and does not work for you as a writer. I’ve written OC’s (original characters) before in fanfiction. I’ve even written original fiction, so I didn’t think anything of having an OC in my fic this time. Except… I’m struggling with him. Why? Because apparently I work better using an person I am familiar with. Usually I use actors for inspiration and up until this story, they had been ones I’d seen several of their works from.

Not so this time, and it’s made a big difference to me that I had not foreseen. So, lesson learned. Stick to people you know and things will flow better for you. Well, me, obviously. Your mileage may vary, after all.

I’m not going to change the character inspiration, though. I’m sticking with my choice because it’s given me a lesson.

For those of you who also write (fanfiction or original), what lessons have you learned during the course of your writing?

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