Who Threw That Wrench

Nothing like life to throw a wrench in… well, life. I had plans for this weekend. Craft related plans. Reading related plans. Sleep related plans. And they all went up in smoke, thanks to something on our (new) car breaking and setting us scrambling to try to get it sorted. Because of our schedule, this of course meant that our bedtime was completely shattered.

Not too big a deal, right? Wrong. Because I got to wake up to a full blown migraine that’s still here. I’m only on here long enough to post and all that jazz before heading to bed in the hope it will be gone by the time I wake up again because one of my other ‘tricks’ have worked on it and medication hardly ever touches it when it’s that time of the month (sorry fellas, if that’s TMI. I’d rather not deal with it either, but as I don’t have a choice, neither do you).

So yeah. All plans got shot out the window. Suppose they’ll keep for another day, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Oh, and Rough Trade starts in 4 days. Something to look forward to.

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