For the Dogs

I’m starting to think that I’m getting too old for this – changing sleep schedules so dramatically, that is. I’ve barely been functional and as you can see, I’m awake instead of sleeping because, well, I can’t sleep. I’m wide awake now, when I’m feeling like I’m dragging for hours after I get up. I’m going to go to bed here in a few, in the vain hope of getting some sleep, but we’ll see. If nothing else, it means I’ll get to listen to the second book in the Thursday Next series, Lost in a Good Book.

Speaking of books, well, sort of. Did you catch Jilly’s guest post on Friday? Remember me mentioning that I was beta’ing? She’s one of the ladies I beta for, and she’s got some great stories under her belt already. I’m not ashamed to admit that reading about her working on a book had me more than a little excited.

Anyone have any tips on how to change sleep schedules?

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