I Might Have Made a Mistake

Why, do you ask? Because it’s hotter than Hades right now (to quote Sleepykittystitches) and has been for the last couple of days. Yet what have I been doing? I’ve been knitting away on my blanket. Yep. Smart, right?

But I am finally done with the yellow and have gotten a nice start on the green. The blanket’s grown quite a bit, so I think one, possibly two more “rows” (meaning full circle) and I can call it finished. Should only take a few more months at the rate I’ve been going ;-). Especially since I really can’t deal with the heat very well, so I’m going to be forced to put this project aside for now.

progress blanket

I think it’s time to find a sock project or something. Maybe a shawl. Something smallish at least that won’t have me burning up just from working on it.

It’s almost Rough Trade time again. Yep, I’ve signed up and will be working on three stories. Dipping my toes into a new fandom again, so we’ll see how that turns out. Anyone familiar with the show Leverage? My other two will be Avengers and Harry Potter. I’m excited, if a little overwhelmed because I’m in the middle of prepping for them all.

2 thoughts on “I Might Have Made a Mistake

  1. Paardje

    LOL! Reminds me of that time I was crocheting a blanket, I had to do in in our bedroom with the air-conditioning on XD I’ve never tried knitting a blanket though. Is it easier than crocheting one?


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