Oops? It’s Wednesday…

I kind of went through most of my day today not realizing what day it was. Happens sometimes, but it did lead me to almost forget to post.

Remember how I said the other day that I wanted to make a little something for hubby? Well, after much searching, I found a couple of things that I thought he’d enjoy.

I wanted them to be a little geeky and gamer inspired, since he’s into video games and RPGs. Think these’ll fit the bill?


Nat-1 dice roll

What do you think? Oh, and the bottom picture is crooked due to my oh-so-stellar photography skills, not because the stitching is wonky ;-).

Of course, they still need to be mounted on something so they can be hung up, but not sure when that’ll happen. I need to find something to do that with, first.

Also, I’m now back to wondering what my next project’ll be. Needs to be something fairly easy, since Rough Trade’ll be starting day after tomorrow and I’ll be spending a lot of time writing. I’ll figure something out, I’m sure.

What is your go-to craft to get your zen on with?

3 thoughts on “Oops? It’s Wednesday…

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