Playing Yarn Chicken

So I’ve been diligently working away on my shawl. I remembered to put in a lifeline… only to forget to move the stupid thing after the next round of beads *sigh*. So here’s to hoping I make it. I’m on what should be the last row of beads, leaving one more row after within the pattern, followed by two edge rows and then picot edging. Fingers crossed?

Who will win?
Who will win?

One way, or the other, this shawl will be finished soon, which means I need to figure out what to work on next. Considering that I’ll be doing Rough Trade next month, that’ll take some doing. Not sure what to do as of yet. Needs to be something simple, I think, because yeah, brain power’s in short supply and more so after writing, I’m sure.

What is your go-to project type to keep busy?

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