Not. Enough. Coffee. In. The. World.

Or otherwise known as: Daylight Savings Time. Eesh, I want my hour back! Seriously, Benjamin Franklin, what were you thinking when you came up with that idea (yeah, yeah, I know technically the idea’s been around for a lot longer)? *sips caffeinated beverage* Ah well, I suppose I’ll have to wait until Fall to get it back, huh?

Holden by the Sea progress

As you can see, I’ve made a little headway with my Holden shawl, but only a little. I haven’t had too many spoons** the last few days. Certainly not enough to be able to handle the counting and concentration that comes with knitting lace and adding beads. Still, I’m slowly getting there.

*sigh* I had intended on talking about something else, but it’s plum flown out of my head. Guess it’ll keep for another post, so I’ll leave you with the following question: what’s your favorite (non-alcoholic) drink?


**For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention spoons, you can read more here. Yes, she has lupus whereas I have fibromyalgia, but the theory applies to many chronic conditions.

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