We Have Lace, People!

Granted, it’s a simple feather and fan lace pattern, but still! I managed to figure out where I went wrong (twice, I might add), and fix things. Lo’ and behold, three sections of lace and beads. I’m loving it!

I am enjoying the knit (well, I am when I don’t make stupid mistakes, at least) and I can’t wait to finish this baby and see the finished product. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to do.

For a wonder, I actually have an idea for another shawl, no pattern. I’ve never flown solo before – so to speak – so we’ll see whether it pans out or not. Don’t worry, I’ll share, one way or the other ;-).

Today’s been a little sad for me. A year ago today I had to say goodbye to Pippin, a mere three months after Arwen passed away. I still miss them a lot, but it had become almost normal to not have them around anymore, to the point I’d forgotten when exactly we had to put him down – and then I got a Facebook reminder. Needless to say, it hit me fairly hard, so while I’ve been feeling better on the pain front, I was really not up for much today. The shawl’s been a nice diversion, as has watching Netflix.

Since I’m still immersed in NCIS in preparation for Rough Trade which starts in a few weeks, I haven’t been reading. While I’m really looking forward to both writing and reading the Rough Trade stories next month, I will admit that I’m kind of missing listening to audio books. Funny how that goes, isn’t it?

What is your preferred method of book-consumption? Physical books, e-readers, or audio?

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