What To Do, What To Do?

So I’m trucking along on my blanket… and I run out of yarn. *sigh* No, not a case of playing yarn-chicken, unfortunately, because I’m still far from done. I have this ‘row’ to finish, still, and then at least one, if not two more in green before it’s finished. Unless I decide to make it really big, I haven’t decided yet. No need to, either, since it’s a moot point considering the fact I am almost out of the green yarn, too. So until I can get my hands on some more, this blanket is officially on hold. For reference, the blanket is laid out on my Queen size bed.

Ducks Circular Blanket
Ducks Circular Blanket

What’s a girl to do? Look for new projects, of course. Not that I’ve had very much luck on making my mind up. Especially considering I’ve also “run out of book”, so to speak. I finished listening to The Heretic Queen, only to discover that the other books by Michelle Moran weren’t available to me in audio format, which was a bit of a bummer because I’d been looking forward to glutting myself on her works.

Then I tried out several books, only to have them glitch out on me, skipping from the middle of a sentence to the next chapter for whatever reason. So I didn’t finish them because I couldn’t fix it and it kept happening. Then I finally I landed on The Christmas Shoes, which was an okay read. Just your typical feel-good Christian Christmas story that did manage to make me cry. But then, so does the song it was based on (or was the song based on the book, I can’t recall).

So now I’m on the prowl for something to do and something to listen to while doing it. I suppose that in itself is one way to pass the time, right?

Have you listened to any good audiobooks lately?

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