And In 2016 I Will…

I know, I know, we’re well into 2016 already. Some might say it’s a little late to start with the resolutions, but what can I say? I’m contrary that way. Not in the least because I actually don’t like the term resolution. At least not when it comes to the definition generally assumed around the beginning of the year.

Anyway. While I may refuse to say I resolve to do things in the coming (hush, I know) year, I will admit that there are a few things I’d like to try my hand at this year. First was the starting of my blog (tadaaaa!).  For better or worse, here I am.

Second, I want to learn to sew. Clothes, that is. Well, honestly, I want to learn to sew – period. I can do the absolute minimum – you know, a straight line. I’ve even made a pillow case or two in the last few years. And yes, once, with a lot of help from a couple of people, I even managed to make a top and a pair of pants (I loved those pants. Unfortunately, I lost them when I moved *cry*). I no longer have those people in my life, either, so I’ll be on my own – well, as on your own as anyone gets when there’s the World Wide Web, of course.

Third, I want to finally make some new art to hang on my walls. Mind, while I’m pretty good at knitting and crochet, I have never excelled at drawing or painting, so this’ll be a challenge for me. In truth, it kind of scares me a little to even consider doing, because well, this will end up hanging on my walls (unless it turns out absolutely horrible, of course) and will be a constant reminder. Especially since – like with my writing – I’ve always been told I’m no good at it (and by ‘always’ I am talking about back in the days of being in school). It’s difficult to rid yourself of that narrative, but I’m going to try. Last year I mustered up the courage to buy the canvases, so this year is hopefully going to see them get used.

Something else I’d like to try my hand at this year is macramé. Sound kind of old fashioned and dated to you? Not to me. There’s a lot of really nifty stuff out there you can make with it, not just those plant hangers your (grand-)parents had in the seventies. I’ve been pinning like crazy for a while now, as you can see here. What I most want to try is making something to hang on my walls (sensing a theme here? Yeah, I’m ready for a decorative change). Don’t get me wrong, the jewelry you can make is awesome, but I don’t wear much of it. I’ll make some, but first… the walls.

So, what are your resolutions for 2016? Have you made any headway with any of them?


3 thoughts on “And In 2016 I Will…

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