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My name is Anniina, but most of my online friends call me Rain. Naelany asked if I wanted to write a guest post for her blog, and after a moment’s hesitation I agreed. It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged about anything, but here goes!

I’m married, have 3 lovely cats and a job I hate. Most of my free time is spent crafting or reading. Sometimes I binge watch tv shows on Netflix. I’ve loved books ever since I first learned how to read. I’m a huge fan of fantasy literature, and I love the big names of gothic horror (I even have a tattoo of E. A. Poe), but I also enjoy science fiction and romance. I also read a lot of fanfiction, and I’m currently reading a Supernatural fic that I really like. (It’s trope-a-licious domestic fluff, pastries, a lesson about the importance of safe sex, and lots of smut.) Sometimes I write, too, but I rarely have patience for it. My latest Netflix binge has been Elementary, it’s very addicting, and I adore Lucy Liu.

I’ve had many kinds of craft projects over the years, ranging from knitting to sewing, to sculpting, to jewelry-making. If I find something that sounds interesting, I’ll most likely try it, if I don’t have to acquire a bunch of expensive equipment.

I’m turning 30 in March, and I decided to host a slightly bigger party than usually. Because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and a lot of my friends are geeks too, I thought it would be an awesome theme for the party. I started making decorations early, so that I don’t have to rush anything.

For the past couple of days I’ve been making floating candles for the kitchen/catering area for the place I’m renting, and I made a brick wall out of a sheet for the entrance. I have a bunch of stuff to print, too. There’s going to be a S. P. E. W. “booth”, too, complete with socks!


I’m sure I’ll have a lot of things to blog about, regarding my birthday party. I’m not only decorating, I’m baking too: cauldron cakes, chocolate frogs – all kinds of yummy things!


Right now I have to go, though, because I need to get ready to go out with some friends.



One thought on “Guest post – Colour out of Space

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Rain! I love the idea of a Harry Potter birthday party 🙂 Those candles look awesome, too. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the party 😉 Sounds like it’ll rock.


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