When Crafting and Gaming Collide

Between my husband and me, we have a variety of interests. I read, write, knit, crochet, cross stitch, to name a few. He games, and makes beaded jewelry. On occasion, I enjoy playing video games as well and I’ve been known to loose hours on World of Warcraft. It’s still my favorite game to play, even if I never get to anymore.

Hubby enjoys many games and prefers playing on his Playstation – at least, for the moment – and he’s always looking for what’s next in the gaming world. Last year he was streaming E3 (the biggest video game reveal/expo out there, or so I’m told) when they announced a couple of games he thought I might be interested in.

Unravel was one of them, since it is craft-related and the preview looked like fun – and can we say instant love for Yarny? I mean, come on, how cute is the little guy?! It finally came out on the 7th and I can’t wait to be able to get my hands on it and give it a try. I’m a little slower-paced when it comes to playing games (I can’t process the input as well as some people and I get overwhelmed fairly easily with most games), but this seems to be something I’d be able to keep pace with and enjoy.

What about you? Do you play video games as well? What kinds of games do you enjoy?

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